DMS and Information Assurance

Since 2010, DMS has been active in the cyber arena as, a principal contractor for Information Assurance at the U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security, and part of a team for Cybersecurity and Information Assurance for the Army and other government agencies.

It is with this practical knowledge of roles, environments, systems, and attitudes combined with our training practice in both soft and technical skills that allowed us to select this training platform to meet the challenge in preparing organizations and universities in Cyber defense.

Our selection of the optimum cyber training content required a match between the theory and the practical as well as the learning and the doing. As an is the authorized reseller of Cyberbit products and the Cyber Skills Development platform, which includes a hyper-realistic Cyber Range we have been able to use this modern learn and do approach and apply it to the cyber training. Currently, the training platform is being used by academic institutions such as Purdue University, University of Texas, Miami Dade College, Marshall University, and University of Maine. It is also used by State and local governments, private entities and MSSP We look forward to hearing from you and can also customize solutions for your organization.

At DMS our corporate cybersecurity practices mirrors our training approach allowing us to consistently match the reality of cybersecurity in an operational environment to the theory and best practices in the classroom by cultivating a corporate-wide risk awareness mindset in our operations, that allows us to be proactive in our response vice constantly reacting to the next crisis.

We remain active in the cybersecurity community to ensure a shared knowledge base of the most recent threats and the techniques to defend them.
Our Cyber Skills Development platform powers the International Cyber League which highlights the world’s best defensive cybersecurity team through a multi-stage competition keeping us engaged with Universities and rising talent. The International Cyber League is an annual competition, putting participants’ cyber skills to the test, detecting, investigating, and mitigating end-to-end hyper-realistic attack simulations.

We conduct our business in a holistic way which ties corporate growth to being socially responsible and ethical. Good business conduct to us means supporting our veterans, encouraging community service among our employees, cultivating the next generation of “thought leaders” through our internship program, and effectively managing the resources we consume towards maintaining a clean planet.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 registered company with a Quality Management System that maintains exacting standards in service delivery and are an ISO 27001:2013 registered company with an information security management system that has embedded controls for all aspects related to the management of information.

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