Strategic Foresight Leadership in Public Service 

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About the Program

The Strategic Foresight Leadership in Public Service Program is a partnership between American University and DMS Academy focused on emerging trends and drivers of change that can dramatically impact your organization’s future. This program is a groundbreaking initiative designed to empower government executives and senior managers with advanced decision-making skills needed to navigate a rapidly changing technological landscape coupled with global complexities.

DMS Academy is a leader in strategic foresight consulting, education, and public policy simulations. Our foresight scholars help organizations tailor a long-term view of possible futures and gain insights while embracing a better world for generations to come. Take a moment to explore our custom-tailored solutions for your organization.

Program Objectives

The Strategic Foresight Leadership in Public Service Program aims to equip government executives with the tools and mindset needed to anticipate emerging trends, assess risks, and shape policy in an ever-changing world.

Our program is designed to fully immerse participants in the world of Foresight. Participants are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to apply foresight within their organization to make an immediate impact.

Renowned experts in the field will guide participants through strategic foresight concepts, including trend analysis, scenario planning, systems thinking, and risk assessment.

"Planning and preparing for an uncertain future requires skill, agility, and focus... All U.S. Government agencies should strive to do more to build greater applied foresight capacity."

Office of Personnel Management (OPM)Foresight Handbook-Developing & Applying Strategic Foresight for Better Human Capital Management (2023)

Program Overview

Participants will meet once a week for a total of twelve (12) weeks. The first and last sessions will be on-site and take place at American University in Washington DC. The other ten (10) sessions will be live-online and can be accessible from anywhere with a device that has access to a stable high-speed internet connection, a camera & microphone.

We limit our cohort to 30 students each term and spaces are reserved on a first-come first-served basis. Submit your intake questionnaire for review as soon as possible to be considered for an invitation to join the program.

For additional information about the program, please email or call (202)-895-4859.


12 Weekly sessions with first & last held on-site at AU and with 10 online.
Spans 4-5 months.


10AM – 5PM EST



Tailored Curriculum

Customized strategic foresight methodologies catered to the public sector ensuring practicality and relevance.

Renowned Faculty

Learn from leading experts in the field of strategic foresight with unparalleled expertise.

Flexible Delivery

Access seminars in-person, virtually, or through hybrid sessions, accommodating busy schedules.

Respected Credential

Earn a joint certificate from American University and DMS Academy, a recognized symbol of excellence.

Career Advancement

Direct alignment with leadership competencies and executive development program requirements.

Networking and Collaboration

Engage in collaborative discussions and networking with diverse peers, expanding professional connections.

Invest in Your Future

Our program is built on the foundation of The United States Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM’s) five Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ’s); uniquely designed to equip public sector leaders with the competencies and insights to anticipate and navigate the increasingly complex challenges of tomorrow.

Join us at the Strategic Foresight Leadership in Public Service Program and unlock new opportunities for professional growth and advancement.

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