Biotech Foresight for Policymakers and Regulators

Instructor: Timothy Dolan, PhD

The waves of transformational change from new technologies witnessed by the mechanical, chemical, electronic, and digital revolutions is self-evident in effects, good and ill. Like these other transformational waves that have largely washed over us, the biotech revolution promises profound social change that will require some form of regulatory oversight. This requires expert guidance and a grasp of potential risks as well as rewards. This workshop will broadly review current advances in biotech with emphasis on identifying areas where oversight is required and open discussion on regulatory strategies that may or may not be adequate for this most profound of changes, that being no less than the management of life itself.

Course Objectives

  • Verify a grasp of current policies around genetic research
  • Assess the roles and responsibilities of each regulatory agency at the federal and institutional levels including research operations at the university and corporate levels
  • Review the current state of genetic techniques with emphasis on gene editing
  • Survey the benefits and risks associated with genetic research
  • Discuss the likely applications of emerging biotech in medicine, agriculture, criminal forensics and military spheres

Offering Details


1 Day

Class Size

Up to 30 participants


Suggested for all

professionals and managers

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