Exploring Future Frontiers: Strategies for Embracing Technological Disruption

Instructor: Erran Carmel, PhD

This workshop focuses on the realms of emerging technologies, blockchain, digital commerce, and more as you gain practical insights and cutting-edge strategies to navigate and harness the transformative power of technological disruptions in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Course Objectives

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the current and upcoming emerging technologies, and their potential impacts on various industries
  • Learn to identify strategic opportunities where emerging technologies and digital commerce can be integrated to drive innovation, efficiency, and value creation within your organization
  • Foster an innovation-oriented mindset by exploring how emerging technologies can inspire new business ideas, products, and services, and learn to think entrepreneurially in a rapidly changing landscape

Offering Details


1 Day

Class Size

Up to 30 participants


Suggested for all

professionals and managers

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