Foresight Evaluation: Improving Foresight Quality and Achieving Desired Outcomes

Instructor: Annette Gardner, PhD

This course aims to offer professional training in evaluating the foresight approaches most likely to be adopted in the public sector. It takes a two-part approach or presentation of core evaluation concepts that are used in designing a program and suggested evaluation designs for the three foresight approaches most typically used or scanning, foresight workshops and trainings, and alternative scenarios.

Course Objectives

  • Learn about the role of evaluation and what it means to engage in ‘evaluative thinking.’ The interplay between the two disciplines will be discussed
  • Learn about applicable questions, theory of change and logic models, designs, outcomes, and methods, as well as the challenges to foresight evaluations, namely issues with a long-time horizon, rigor, complexity, and uncertainty.
  • Experience three approaches for evaluating public sector three foresight approaches: scanning, alternative scenarios, and trainings and workshops.

Offering Details


1 Day

Class Size

Up to 20 participants


Suggested for program planners,

managers, and evaluators

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