Futures Literacy: An Introduction to Using Future Effectively and Efficiently; An Action-Learning Experience

Instructor: Riel Miller, PhD

Participants are introduced to the basic building blocks of futures literacy, a skill that will allow them to improve their capacity to use-the-future in ways that are fit for purpose.

Course Objectives

  • Recognize the nature, role, and power of the future in shaping what people are able to perceive and do by becoming more aware of the sources and uses of different kinds of imagined futures.
  • Design and implement processes for using the future that are fit for purpose, tailored to the specific circumstances in which the power of the future is being used for specific purposes.
  • Change their understanding and relationship to novelty – the differences that emerge constantly in a creative universe. Uncertainty becomes a resource rather than a threat.

Offering Details


3 Days

Class Size

Up to 30 participants


Suggested for all

professionals and managers

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