Mapping Systems and Change: Co-creation of Dynamic Strategic Landscapes

Instructor: Wendy Schultz, PhD

This transformative workshop invites participants to explore the intricacies of mapping complex environments and orchestrating purposeful transformations. By acquiring practical skills and leveraging insightful perspectives, attendees will navigate dynamic landscapes adeptly, foster collaborative endeavors, and architect strategic initiatives that exhibit resilience and thrive amidst the relentless evolution of our contemporary world.

Course Objectives

  • Gain a deep comprehension of the principles underlying complex environments, including the factors that contribute to their dynamics and evolution
  • Apply practical skills in mapping intricate environments, utilizing both traditional and advanced tools to visualize interconnected elemets, relationships, and potential trajectories
  • Integrate knowledge gained throughout the workshop to synthesize comprehensive strategies that combine mapping techniques, collaborative practices, and resilient approaches to drive purposeful transformations.

Offering Details


3 Days

Class Size

Up to 30 participants


Suggested for all
professionals and managers

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