Navigating Oncoming Waves of Change: from the simple to the complex and chaotic

Instructor: Wendy Schultz, PhD

This captivating seminar delves into the realm of adaptive decision-making, equipping participants with the cognitive tools necessary to traverse the intricate landscapes of transformative processes. By exploring the nuanced dynamics of simplicity, complexity, and chaos, attendees will acquire profound insights, enabling them to deftly maneuver through the unpredictable currents of change.

Course Objectives

  • Investigate the intricate relationships between simplicity, complexity, and chaos in decision-making contexts, and develop the capacity to recognize and adapt to each dynamic appropriately.
  • Develop the skill to analyze complex scenarios, anticipate potential developments, and project future outcomes, enabling you to make proactive decisions that account for various contingencies.

Offering Details


1 Day

Class Size

Up to 30 participants


Suggested for all
professionals and managers

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