Review of Leadership Theories and Possible New Directions

Instructor: Timothy Dolan, PhD

Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson observed that the larger the literature on a given topic, the less we know about it. This seems evidenced by the many volumes written on the slippery topic of leadership for which no comprehensive definition has been formulated. This seminar will nonetheless examine leadership from a foresight perspective to anticipate what forms it may take over the coming generation as history continues to accelerate and while the weight of history also still holds sway in many if not most organizations, we know that leadership is changing. To be clear, the experience and talents of seminar participants will be integral to mutual development. That noted, one must be open to novel and even upsetting visions.

Course Objectives

  • Reviewing the distinctions (if any) between leadership and management).
  • Getting basic understandings of the historical range of leadership theories.
  • Relating basic leadership theories to specific organizational contexts.
  • Consideration of how leadership might radically transform in the face of cultural and technological change.
  • Anticipating how conventional leadership concepts may either contribute to or hinder resulting organizational transformation.
  • Reframing leadership as a dynamic process that requires constant review as organizations change.

Offering Details


3 Days

Class Size

Up to 30 participants


Suggested for all
professionals and managers

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