Storifying Foresight: The Art of Scenario Planning for Institutional Change Making

Instructor: Claire Nelson, PhD

Making Change is hard! Institutions are hard to change because old ways of being and thinking are challenging to dislodge even when the rules are well-intended and understood. This seminar offers a hands-on, interactive learning experience combining theory and practice of the disciplines of scenario planning and story-crafting with a focus on the role of how collaborative story making can assist participants in developing a more robust systems view of their change landscape and enable increased team collaboration and internal ownership of the scenarios developed.

Course Objectives

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the psychological, cultural, and structural factors that contribute to the resistance and challenges associated with changing established institutional norms
  • Adopt a systems thinking approach, understanding the interconnectedness of elements within institutions and how changes in one area can impact the entire system
  • Gain skills to facilitate collaborative endeavors within teams, utilizing storytelling techniques to foster open communication, shared understanding, and collective problem-solving

Offering Details


3 Days

Class Size

Up to 30 participants


Suggested for all
professionals and managers

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