Instructor: Derek Woodgate, PhD

This course explores the field of foresight and the basics of the futures studies through the techniques of futures thinking.  It seeks to demonstrate the critical difference between forecast-based long-term planning and the approach involved in creating plausible medium and longer-term futures based upon discontinuous change rather than evolutionary change. It provides a perspective and foundation for those that want an approach for thinking about the future in their chosen disciplines. It teaches the participant how to explore ideas. perspectives and approaches and to develop the capability for envisioning how to work with unstructured knowledge in unknown worlds.

Course Objectives

  • Familiar with important concepts of the foresight/futures studies and some of the basic understanding and skills required to shape their vision about potential future scenarios
  • Capable of working with unstructured knowledge in unknown worlds through alternative/decentralized thinking techniques essential to creating the future
  • Capable of applying broader perspectives about emerging issues, trends, disruptors, influences and their implications, including an in-depth approach to scanning, cross mapping and modeling as it applies to Futures Studies and the ability to connect disconnects to create unexpected future outcomes

Offering Details


5 Days

Class Size

Up to 30 participants


Suggested for all

professionals and managers

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