Welcome to the Cyber Defense Platform

Competency Based Training for Best-in-Class professionals of the future workforce.


From Zero To Hero : Closing the Skills Gap

Our approach offers content, labs, live-fire cyber ranges, and automated performance assessments aimed at closing the gap between knowledge and performance.


Building Customized Learning Paths

Our platform enables individuals and teams such as Security Operations Centers (SOCs) to build and develop their skills, train in a wide range of simulated attack scenarios, and measure their performance.


Cyber Labs & Live-Fire Scenarios

Learning paths start by delivering fundamental skills in cyber labs where managers can create custom learning paths to address their training requirements and build their own courses.


Training Debrief and Dashboard Reporting


Welcome to the Cyber Defense Platform

Our Cyber Defense Platform is mapped to the real life NIST SP800-181 framework central to preparing the future workforce for the cyber challenges ahead.

With our platform participants at all levels can benefit through engaging labs, simulations, and team exercises in real world scenarios to improve their skills.

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Skill Development

Security teams use our platform to develop cybersecurity skills in virtual labs, understand attacker TTPs by experiencing them first-hand and understanding their implications in security tool alerts and logs. Teams and individuals practice defensive and offensive scenarios and learn how to use commercial security tools in the context of a cybersecurity incident.


Cyber range exercises enable security staff to experience simulated incidents of multiple types and to practice responding to them as a team. This ensures that they are prepared for the moment a real attack occurs. Cyber range exercises build teamwork, communication skills and critical thinking. They improve the ability to perform under the pressure of a live incident. By simulating full-scale attacks teams can understand the dynamics of the cyber kill chain across an end to end, dynamic scenario, and learn to detect, investigate, and respond.

CTF and Red vs. Blue Exercises

The cyber range is a convenient environment for red/blue exercises and capture the flag exercises. Being a virtual range, setting up a new exercise, and resetting the range takes minutes and does not require hardware configuration.

Section Candidate Screening

Our platform is often used to support recruiting processes, particularly for candidate screening, with hands-on labs replacing or complementing the traditional interview process. Using the Cyberbit platform reduces in average 50% of the interviews required to screen a cybersecurity candidate, significantly increases screening effectiveness, and reduces mis-hires.

New Hire Ramp-Up

By using our platform exercises and learning paths to onboard new hires, replacing on the job training, organizations reduce up to 70% of ramp up time for new team members, meaning that they can be operationally-ready several months earlier.


Organizations in need of rapidly filling in open cybersecurity positions, use our platform to rapidly reskill NOC, helpdesk, and IT staff.

Playbook and Process Control Validation

By running real-world simulated incidents on our Platform, security leaders battle-test, validate, and optimize incident response playbooks.


Advanced organizations set up a dedicated instance of our Platform, which mirrors their network architecture, configuration, and security policy. This enables them to test the effectiveness of their architecture and security controls during an attack, in a safe, air-gapped environment. In this configuration, organizations can introduce new devices and tools into the range, to validate their resilience to attacks.

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Building excellent cybersecurity skills is a never-ending cycle for all cybersecurity roles. Cyber professionals do not have a second chance to respond to an attack, and they must continuously maintain the full set of skills required to excel in their roles. We address this with a first-of-its-kind, “zero to hero” skill development and training platform, which maximizes team performance by enabling them to continuously learn, train, and validate their readiness.

We deliver a complete skilling spectrum, starting with the fundamental building blocks all the way to advanced, live fire cyber range exercises, in one, integrated solution.

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The Security Operations Centers (SOCs), within organizations have increasingly relied on manual work to complement automated systems to manage their complex security stack.

SOCs have become an integral part of organizations’ efforts to address critical cybersecurity threats. They often perform independent from, but in conjunction with, IT operations. A SOC is a centralized, dedicated team of experts using a variety of tools to protect the organization against cyber threats.

SOC Analyst 1

Learning Path: Beginner

SOC Analyst 1


Tier 1 Analysts inside the SOC use information collected from a variety of sources (IDS Alerts, Firewalls, Network Traffic Logs, etc.) to identify, analyze, and report events occurring within the network.

The SOC Analyst 1 Learning path equips your team members with the basic knowledge and abilities required for elite performance including SIEM based investigations, log analysis, and proper use of a Firewall.

SOC Analyst 2

Learning Path: Intermediate

SOC Analyst 2


Tier 2 Analysts are responsible for responding to any crisis or urgent situation within their pertinent domain to mitigate immediate and potential threats.

The SOC Analyst 2 Learning Path ensures your Tier 2 Analysts have the more advanced skills required for their role including host-based investigations, attack response, advanced log analysis, and use of more advanced tools such as an EPP platform.

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Cyber Labs Develop Skills

Purpose built learning environments, called Cyber Labs, ensure your team develops and perfects the skills required to excel in the SOC. From IT and Networking to live MITRE ATT&CK tactics and techniques, your team members will possess the essential skills required to excel in their role.

List of Labs

  • Shadow Copies
  • ZeroLogon
  • Analysis with EDR – Turla
  • Analysis with EDR – Kovter
  • Linux Malware Persistence With Cronjobs

Live-Fire Exercises Build Experience

Cyberbit is the only cyber skills platform to include a full-scale cyber range, delivering a hyper-realistic environment including massive corporate networks (containing on-prem and cloud components), reverse engineered live-fire attacks, and commercial security tools from leading providers.

List of Live-Fire Scenarios

  • Share Lock Ransomware
  • Supply Chain
  • Trojan Share Privilege Escalation

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Human skills are the foundation of a strong cybersecurity organization. Organizations have realized that their substantial investment in cybersecurity tools depends on a highly skilled team who can operate these tools effectively. While the industry has successfully automated repetitive processes, we depend more than ever on a skilled staff for proactive security, relying on technical and soft skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, and endurance, to be effective so those teams can perform better together with rapid investigations, quick response, and collaborative threat hunting tactics to protect the organization.

The Automated Progress Tracking uses management dashboards to help students understand their progress at any point in time within the curriculum, exercises and labs to monitor and enhance their skills.