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  • Using the International Futures (IFs) Forecasting System to Support Your Work


  • The International Futures (IFs) Forecasting System

“My work and teaching build on combining qualitative and quantitative understanding of longer-term change across multiple interacting issue areas, recognizing the importance of understanding trends and dynamics, but also exploring the implications of interventions/scenarios that can help bring about desired futures. The International Futures (IFs) forecasting system, with its multiple, interacting computer models, is central to my work.”

Barry Hughes, PhD

Professor Barry B. Hughes, with degrees in Mathematics and Political Science, is John Evans Professor at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver. He served the University as Vice Provost for Graduate Studies, and he founded/directed the Frederick S. Pardee Center for International Futures. Over many years he has developed and led continued enhancement and use of the International Futures (IFs) forecasting system for study of long-term national and global issues across closely integrated models that span human, social, and sustainable development issue areas.

In his work he has supported multiple U.S. National Intelligence Council reports to the President (subsequently openly available), multiple projects and publications of the United Nations Development Programme, several of the United Nations Global Environment Programme’s Global Environment Outlooks, and work by many other national governments and international organizations.  He has published 13 books, including International Futures: Building and Using Global Models (Elsevier 2019), and articles in a wide range of journals across many disciplines.

Message from Barry Hughes