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A critical aspect of futures studies is creating unimaginable potential from unstructured knowledge in unknown worlds.

Derek Woodgate, PhD

An ex-United Kingdom diplomat, Dr. Derek Woodgate is a consulting futurist, educator, author, speaker and curator. He is the President and Chief Futurist of The Futures Lab, Inc., a futures consultancy, he founded in 1996, which specializes in creating future potential for major institutions and corporations (

Derek has a BA in Eastern European Studies and a MA in Political Economics and a Dr. Philos. in Engineering and Science from the University of Adger, Norway. Derek is an Associate Professor and advisor to several universities and Ministries of Education including University of Houston College of Technology Foresight Program, Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University, Saudi Arabia, The University of Agder, Norway and Dubai University.

His consulting assignments have included comprehensive development and multi-level training for national government, regional and city clients. More specifically, 7 years for the Ministry of the Interior in UAE; Ministries of Education, and Transportation, in UAE and Saudi Arabia; USA Department of Transportation (Infrastructure 2050); Austin 2020; Kuala Lumpur 2040; Texas Technology Corridor 2030; Greater London Authority (Covent Garden Redevelopment Plan and Silicon Roundabout, Abu Dhabi Smart City Project, etc.

Derek’s books related to futures studies have included Future Frequencies (2004) Future Flow (2012) The Augmented Learner (2021) He is currently writing a new book titled Future Rhythms.

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