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  • Nature and Evolution of Science Fiction


  • Introduction to Philosophy for Foresight
  • Future Consciousness

“What if we focus on the further development of the human conscious mind as the pivotal strategy toward a good future? Doesn’t it make sense that heightening our mental capacities for understanding and constructively addressing the future will lead to a better future? It is time that we invest as much energy, intelligence, and creativity into evolving our minds and not simply our appliances, furniture, and gadgets. We are all able to think about and envision the future, but often we do so superficially, narrowly, fearfully, ego-centrically, and unimaginatively. We can all become more farsighted, thoughtful, inspired, hopeful, creative, self-responsible, and wise regarding the future.”

Thomas Lombardo, PhD

Thomas Lombardo, PhD is the Director of the Center for Future Consciousness , Editor of Future Consciousness Insights, Professor Emeritus and Retired Faculty Chair of Psychology, Philosophy, and the Future at Rio Salado College, and past Director of The Wisdom Page. He is a Fellow and Executive Board member of the World Futures Studies Federation. He is a current Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Futures Studies and World Futures.

Dr. Lombardo has published thirteen books and over seventy articles, produced dozens of educational online videos and podcasts, and given over 70 professional presentations on many futurist and philosophical topics, including wisdom and the future of education; the future of consciousness and the human mind; dystopian and utopian thought; theories of the future; and the history of science fiction.

His newest books include Future Consciousness: The Path to Purposeful Evolution, winner of the 2017 Network Book Award; The Pursuit of Virtue (2019), “A brilliant, timely, erudite exposure of the shallow, divisive individualism of modern life;” three volumes in his series Science Fiction: The Evolutionary Mythology of the Future (2018, 2021, 2021), “a ‘must-read’ in the study both of science fiction and the future;” and Essays on the Future of Psychology and Consciousness (2022), “a brilliant collection of essays.” Presently he lives with his wife Jeanne in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area.

Message from Thomas Lombardo