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  • Systems, Leadership, and Foresight


  • Systems, Leadership, and Foresight

"Exploring possible futures provides new landscapes to scan emergent political and economic systems, and design new organizational cultures."

Zabrina Epps, PhD

A systems thinker by nature, Zabrina’s superpower is her ability to understand the aspirations at the nexus of institutional systems and structures, the realities of organizational politics, and the shifting priorities of leadership. By integrating futures thinking and foresight methods, she helps clients use their innate abilities to envision new systems and practices.

Dr. Epps has spent more than fifteen years in higher education and serves on the Fielding Graduate University’s Board of Trustees. Previously, she served on a local board of education in a district of over 125,000 students. Throughout her career, Zabrina has advised and coached faculty, department heads, university presidents, and policy leaders. Zabrina approaches her work with humility, curiosity, gratitude, and humor.

Message from Zabrina Epps