Custom-tailored solutions to fit your organization.

Strategic foresight is playing an increasingly important role in planning and decision-making as changing societal and economic conditions occur.

DMS provides immersive training applying strategic foresight concepts and methodologies.

Below is a snapshot of our approach, contact us to learn more.

Design Meeting

During the design meeting, we partner with your organization to conduct a front-end analysis to build the foundation of your learning solution, including your overarching goals, objectives, potential learning strategies, and methods of delivery. You also have an opportunity to learn more about our foresight scholars and determine which scholar you’d like to partner with.

Custom-tailored Learning

Following the design meeting, we utilize the findings from our analysis to design and develop your organization’s custom-tailored solution. Our expert staff ensures your solution provides a solid foundation for the successful application of foresight concepts. Where possible, we look to include opportunities for collaborative and experiential learning including simulations, gamification, and role play.


We administer a variety of assessment instruments based on Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Training Evaluation and the “APF Foresight Evaluation Task Force Report; Building Field and Foresight Practitioner Evaluation Capacity” to continuously monitor the effectiveness of our training program and maximize the overall benefit to your organization.