Strategic Foresight Program Description

Growing Prevalence Internationally

Our Leading from the Future program provides custom-tailored workshops and seminars provided by our world-renown Foresight Scholars to highlight the closely related competencies of Strategic Foresight and Anticipatory Governance. Our program looks to fully complement and harness the full potential of existing strategic planning and decision-making concepts to look beyond current budget cycles to maximize opportunities for succession planning and build toward preferred futures.

Within the Strategic Foresight competency, there are six sub-competencies developed by the Association of Professional Futurists (APF) for consulting foresight experts and facilitators.


Scoping the project, defining the focal issue and current conditions.


Exploring signals of change or indicators of the futures.


Identifying a baseline and alternative futures.


Developing and committing to a preferred future.


Developing prototypes, offerings or artifacts to achieve the vision and goals.


Enabling organizations to generate options to alternatives futures.

DMS builds each these competencies into your customized Strategic Foresight curriculum solution to ensure your leaders are well equipped to leading change in your organization and truly lead from the future. To ensure optimal value for your investment, evaluation is built within the core of our Leading from the Future program, focused on providing clear, measurable results built within the Kirkpatrick Model four levels of evaluation. Our program would also look to fostering a sense of community and connection among alumni, including mentorship, networking and career development opportunities.