2024 Host Nations Simulation Competition

Empowering students and leaders to make smarter and informed decisions for complex situations.

NASPAA Student Simulation Competition

The 2024 Annual NASPAA Simulation Competition was successfully powered by DMS Academy’s Host Nations Simulation. This competition is an annual event in which students from around the world learn through experience in a unique, innovative learning opportunity. Students connected classroom theory to practice by taking on real-world challenges in real time to achieve skills that will prepare them for their roles as future public service professionals.

Competition Participants & Results

We thank all the universities that participated in the Host Nations Competition. Your enthusiasm, dedication, and innovative ideas makde this event a tremendous success.

We are delighted to extend our warmest congratulations to the winners of the Host Nations Competition:

1st Place: San Diego State University
2nd Place: Ludovika University of Public Service
3rd Place: The American University in Cairo
4th Place: Suffolk University

Congratulations to these outstanding institutions for their remarkable achievements!

New Narratives & New Solutions

University Teams competed for solutions to pressing global challenges with the following skill focus:

  • Tradeoffs (Long-term goals vs Short-term costs)
  • Negotiation (Multi-party & Bi-lateral)
  • Economic (Budget vs Debt)
  • Environmental (Preventative vs Inevitable)
  • Leadership (Isolation vs Cooperation)

Universities that Participated

We extent our sincere gratitude to the following universities for hosting the 2024 Host Nations Simulation Competition.

  • Ludovika University of Public Service (Hungary)
  • North South University, Dhaka (Bangladesh)
  • The American University in Cairo (Egypt)
  • Fundação Getulio Vargas (Brazil)
  • Grand Valley State University (Michigan)
  • Metropolitan College of New York (New York)
  • Old Dominion University (Virginia)
  • Rice University (Texas)
  • San Diego State University (California)
  • Suffolk University (Massachusetts)
  • University of Colorado Denver (Colorado)
  • University of Nebraska at Omaha (Nebraska)

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