Public Policy

Simulations & Games

Enhance skills and improve decision-making with real world scenarios.

Develop critical thinking, negotiation,

and leadership skills

  • Hone skills in a realistic public service scenario
  • Bridge theory and practice in a high-pressure sandbox environment
  • Build organizational resilience and agility to manage future disruptions
  • Apply strategic foresight to anticipate potential outcomes

Easy to run for a crowd or a course.

Organizations and universities use our sims for:

  • Professional training
  • Meetings, seminars & workshops
  • Orientations
  • Policy competitions

Add it to your curriculum:

  • Engage learners
  • Enhance in-person interactions
  • Customize scenarios
  • Integrate with existing courses

The Pandemic Game

Protect your population. Preserve your economy.

Teams balance the economic, political, and public health fallout of a deadly disease outbreak, working within and between teams to devise a response.

Skills Focus

  • Agility
  • Multi-party negotiation
  • Social dilemmas
  • Communication
  • Leadership


A Sustainable Transit Simulation

Revitalize your city’s transportation infrastructure and build a sustainable, equitable future.

Playing as members of city government, participants decide on issues like density, housing policies, charging stations, and bus lanes.

Skills Focus

  • Multi-party negotiation
  • Advanced planning
  • Trade-offs (long-term goals vs. short-term costs)
  • Competing and overlapping goals
  • Consensus-building

Host Nations

Solve an international humanitarian crisis.
Get real results. Hone real skills.

Faced with a migrant influx, teams try to manage the new arrivals.

To succeed, teams must negotiate a regional response, agree on the distribution of shared resources, and weigh the short-term costs of policies against long-term benefits.

Skills Focus

  • Multi-party and bilateral negotiation
  • Agility
  • Leadership
  • Consensus-building
  • Trade-offs (long-term goals vs. short-term costs)

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