Industry Foresight

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, staying ahead of industry trends and disruptions is essential for success. This category is designed to empower professionals, leaders and organizations with the knowledge and tools to anticipate, adapt to, and shape the future of their respective industries. Join us on this journey to gain a competitive advantage by understanding, shaping, and thriving in the future of your industry.

Course Listing

1-Day Workshop
Exploring Trends & Scenarios of Transportation System Futures
Gary Golden
3-Day Seminar
Biotech Foresight for Policymakers and Regulators
Timothy Dolan, PhD
1-Day Seminar
Space Futures -- Good, Bad, & Otherworldly
Christopher Jones, PhD
1-Day Seminar
What you should know about the transition from artificial narrow intelligence of today to artificial general intelligence tomorrow
Jerome Glenn, PhD h.c.